As the first expansion pack for World of Warcraft

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As the first expansion pack for WOW WoTLK Classic Gold, expectations were sky high for The Burning Crusade. After investing hundreds of hours into their characters the players were eager take on the next adventure. Fortunately, The Burning Crusade proved to be an adequate successor to the amazing MMO. There are countless memorable moments within The Outlands from The Burning Crusade, but these are some of the best.

Making it through the Dark Portal for the first moment was an enormous moment for the WoW timeline. The journey through the Blasted Lands until the landmark was an adventure in itself on the day of launch, particularly on a PvP servers. Being in the same place with the Horde and Alliance in the same area at the same time never does not result in some type of mischief. For The Burning Crusade, this mischief was trying to prevent players from the opposing faction from crossing into Hellfire Peninsula by murdering them when they were trying to climb the ramp that leads to the large glowing portal. No matter if it was enjoyable or just utterly disgusting, that trip was certainly memorable. The other side of the portal wasn't that bad neither.

World of Warcraft players questing their way through the introduction zone were eventually faced with a new type of foe during The Burning Crusade, the Fel Reaver. This huge mech would wander across the earth in a flash, bringing immediate death to anyone unfortunate enough to attract its attention. Despite the fact its powerful footfalls literally shook the screen and the Fel Reaver was shockingly sneaky and earned a reputation for apprehension of players at the worst times. While Illidan Stormrage would be the greatest villain in this expansion (and is one of the greatest characters from World of Warcraft) the Hellfire Fel Reaver was much more terrifying threat to the average player.

Another memorable experience to The Burning Crusade players came when replacing their favorite epic gear with lowly greens. The bittersweet satisfaction of upgrading a piece of gear that may have come as a result of months worth of weekly raids, but randomly random greens became the norm for expansions, and was first made available during The Burning Crusade. Even the gear from Naxxramas which was the final boss in the first game was no match for the power boosts of beginning The Burning Crusade quest rewards.

The new World of Warcraft max point of 70 marks a feat, but getting a flying mount was perhaps an even bigger one. Nowadays, flying mounts have become the most common method of getting through World of Warcraft, but they were new to the game in The Burning Crusade. At first, this type of mount was only available in the Outlands and cost very little. It took quite a bit of work and the first time the winged beast leapt up into the air made it worthy of the expense.

WoW players who were looking to make a new startor to unwind from their daily grind could choose to creating new characters when two new races were introduced in the games. The blue-skinned Draenei was a space fairy who sided with the Alliance as did the Horde was strengthened by the inclusion of the magic-addicted Blood Elves. After years of playing the same starting races and playing as - or at times, walking around - these new characters was an unforgettable experience. Both races were a blast to play, but the Blood Elves had access to the best track in The Burning Crusade.

These events are a memorable aspect of WoW's past, yet also something that players are expected to experiencing in the future. The Burning Crusade Classic will allegedly be announced this weekend at BlizzConline, and some information for it has already leaked with buy WoTLK Gold. There's no doubt that players have fond memories of the first event, or missed it entirely The players can look for a return trip into that Outlands that are the setting for The Burning Crusade.