I haven't played Runescape for more than six years

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It's true that I haven't played Runescape for more than six years, but not since I was an addicted, brain-washed child. My account was compromised due to me being an inexperienced user of emails, not being able to distinguish a fake email from a legitimate one, however, how I lost control over my account, and that's what is important. At the moment, I was shifting to games such as World of Warcraft, and therefore, I didn't have the motivation to invest the time and effort to restore my account. That's why I didn't. I left it up to the hacker.

Some 6 years later, more commonly referred to as last week, I decided to re-examine Runescape and to examine what has changed since I first played in 2007. In addition, I made the decision to recover my account; it was a simple task, considering I had ample evidence of the initial two months of running the account.

Within a couple of messages, Jagex decided I was the account's owner. When I left my account, it was not incredible, it only had just a few million, a few parts of armour for barrows, various pieces of weapons and armour as well as a general stash of junk and quests, as well as intermediate level stats that ranged from levels 40-90.

As I was logging in my email for my account, as well as setting up recovery questions and that JAG guardian thing, writing new passwords, I thought about the way my account might appear like once I logged into my account. I was expecting nothing, really. Similar statistics, but old school runescape buy gold with no money in the bank, which I assumed could have been gp-sellers.