Several reasons players are interested in POE: Delirium

Several reasons players are interested in POE: Delirium

Several reasons players are interested in POE: Delirium




In Path of Exile, the annual Delirium league is coming, and it will come with a new version in the middle of this month. This update still brings a lot of excitement to players. Now let ’s take a look at the players ’ Reasons for this update obsession.


Every three months, the Grinding Gear Games developer announces a new alliance on the road to exile. This tradition can be traced back to the Diablo 2 game. As an excellent MMORPG, Diablo 2 has been praised by many players since its release.


Players in the league are also indispensable. Each league should roughly include the following: the area / map to be explored, some new items to try, and some new images. Although every league is jealous of POE Items, the arrival of "Delirium" takes the game to a whole new level of difficulty.


Better Encounters

In each area of ​​"Delirium", there will be a mirror. The significance of the mirror is that it will create a layer of dense fog in the current area. The dense fog is full of dangers. Powerful monsters are hidden here, but some smaller monsters may be killed by players.

These monsters also have the ability to change, making them more dangerous than ordinary monsters after the change. This difficulty will be magnified infinitely when upgrading. For those who have mastered the 10 Act campaign, this It will be a huge change. But for endgame players, this will bring additional risks to the map such as POE Trade Currency, POE Chaos Orb, and reward factors, which is reassuring.


Rising economy

Every player in the game, novice or veteran, can restart in every league. Players must re-create Alliance characters and cannot inherit rewards and bonuses from previous leagues! As the economy began to rise, players began to snap up previously worthless equipment. For example: a few days before the start of the league, players want to be able to purchase items that increase vitality and potions that can quickly restore physical strength. The reason why the road of rotation is considered the best MMORPG is that players can get gold coins and create their own buildings after entering the alliance for several days!


New skills

The happiest thing for players is the freedom to use new skills and corresponding support gems. Although the game developers have not revealed too much details about the game, we can know that in the current situation, each skill can Situation to assist.


Improvements to some details

The "Conquerers of the Atlas" is undoubtedly very successful for the road to exile. The new boss and more exciting process system make players praise it. Of course, the end system has also changed. For players lacking currency and gems in the game, the upgrade may not be so smooth. The poe items sold at can help you quickly improve your strength. Mirror of Kalandra and Offering to the Goddess are very attractive for players. Suggestions Players can save you a lot of time and energy.


Passive Jewels

In this alliance, game developer G3 has introduced a new cluster of gems. Unlike in the past, cluster gems will not bring you additional bonuses like ordinary gems, nor will it help you to have more Promotion. Their role is to adjust the passive skill point talent tree in the game. Each player gets randomly generated when acquiring integrated gems, which means that the gems that players get are different. It determines the secondary and potential nodes provided when inserting a passive tree.

Because the road of exile has a huge passive skill tree, the player's expansion system will also become incredible, including 280 significant passive skills that are part of the system.