How to prolong the service life of plastic turnover box

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In general, incorrect use of plastic turnover box will affect its service life. So, how can we extend the life of the plastic turnover box? It is closely related to the following factors. Let's briefly understand:

1. Environmental factors. The plastic turnover box shall be used in normal environment as far as possible, such as workshop, warehouse, supermarket, family, etc., to avoid outdoor storage, and shall not be exposed to the sun, wind and rain frequently, which will reduce the service life of the turnover box.
2. Human factors. When using the plastic turnover box, do not take care of it. Throwing, throwing or violence will also shorten the service life of the turnover box.
3. Quality factors. If the quality of the plastic turnover box is not qualified, its service life will not be long. The quality here includes two aspects: material and structure. For example, whether the material of turnover box is made of brand-new PP material, whether the structure is reasonable, and whether the unreasonable structure design has a great impact on the load-bearing of turnover box. Once there are quality problems, the life of turnover box can not be guaranteed.
4. Usage. In the use process, a plastic turnover box can only bear 10kg weight. You have to put 30kg weight things. Once or twice, there may be no problem. If it exceeds the maximum bearing weight for a long time, its service life will be shortened.

After we understand the factors that affect the service life of the plastic turnover box, we should learn the daily maintenance of the turnover box. The key is the cleaning and maintenance of the daily plastic turnover box, so as to avoid its aging and deformation and affect the use safety:
1. Place the plastic turnover box to be cleaned in a proper position, and then dip the rag with detergent to clean the periphery, edges, corners, bottom and other parts of the plastic turnover box, which shall be clean and free of stains.
2. Generally, wipe method is used for disinfection and disinfectant is used reasonably.
3. Dip the dishcloth with detergent, and clean up and down, inside and outside of each plane part, without any stain, without missing dead corner.
4. After cleaning the plastic turnover box, dry it naturally for the next use.
Generally speaking, the way to extend the service life of the plastic turnover box is to combine the correct use and daily cleaning and maintenance, do every job well, and make the best use of the plastic turnover box.