POE: Delirium-a creative update




The founder of the G3 game developer sees Delirium as another innovation in the updated part of poe. Because this part of the update will involve a lot of things, such as re-establishing the role or copying your original role. Although the core battle of Delirium will be the same as the previous expansion, but the difference is that players can directly control the situation encountered in Delirium. Use this to control the increase in difficulty.


Different from the past, Delirium will encourage players to create more powerful characters so as to continuously challenge themselves and make themselves stronger. This will not only promote the plot development of the entire game, but also allow players to smoothly solve the current situation.


After the players solve the difficulties, they will get a lot of rewards. POE Chaos Orb, POE Items, and POE Maps are all things that players can reap. There will even be some rare armors, weapons, etc. Those who want to challenge the enhanced boss can do this by finding the Orb of Delirium. However, it is recommended that you first measure your strength before implementing this approach. Orb will further increase the difficulty of the game, and at the same time, if you win, you will get a lot more rewards. Players will use the Delirium Orb to find another drop called Simulacrum Splinters. These drops will together constitute a mysterious endgame challenge, which Wilson and other members of the team have not yet described in detail.


In terms of skills development, Delirium introduced the concept of Cluster Jewels. Cluster Jewels can be placed in the external slots of the player's skill tree, which opens up a new passive skill cluster, which can create more slots. This approach is by far the biggest change in the role creation system. If you don't like the current cluster gems, you can re-select and reapply the gems to a brand new character. One of the cluster gems corresponds to a passive skill weapon. Having a cluster of gems will give you a whole new skill.


In addition to Delirium, the new version can provide other things. For example, this update adds 4 skills, 3 new auxiliary gems, and 13 other special blessing items. One special skill is Blade Blast, which leaves explosive blades made by other skills. This means that any blade left behind by an attack can be detonated, and passive weapon skills can be activated. If players with insufficient weapons can go to https://www.mmoah.com/poe-currency to buy, the price here is cheaper, and there are multiple trading methods for you to choose.


In addition, the Kinetic Bolt skill is also expected by many players. It is a very powerful but not high-level skill, which is very suitable for novices to use. It can use its own ability to cause damage to enemy players' wands. Once players become more powerful in the follow-up, they will also become stronger and can be upgraded to auxiliary gems with unlimited attributes. Combined with the newly emerged cluster gem system, players will have more choices.