Path of Exile: Delirium can lead players to enjoy the exciting game 2

Path of Exile: Delirium can lead players to enjoy the exciting game 2
Path of Exile: Delirium can lead players to enjoy the exciting game 2





Why do players choose to put their situation in a dangerous environment? From the perspective of the development of the game, this will be more conducive to promoting the development of the game and increasing the enthusiasm of the players for the game. Just as the Road to Exile challenges the Alliance's standards temporarily, completing the Delirium incident will eventually lead to a new story-centric ending.



However, the external reward is the same as everything in Path of Exile: Loot: loot (including Buy POE Currency, POE Exalted Orb, etc.). Players need to prepare some special items when they start the challenge. Using the blessing of these items can effectively improve the strength of the players, which includes a complete set of equipment. In the face, only the players in the alliance can use it, and it has no effect on the players of the tribe.



Collect items in the name of plunder

There will be an unprecedented gem in the new version, which we call cluster POE Orbs. These gems are on the edge of the passive skill grid on the road of exile. Players can collect gems to complete fine adjustments to all nodes on the passive grid. But Cluster POE Orbs adds an entire cluster of nodes, effectively expanding the passive tree in a whole new way.


But there will always be some special nodes, some even with additional extension points, these special extension points can allow players to link multiple clusters of POE Exalted Orb together, which can create almost completely new custom characters. By placing these jewels on the edge of the skill tree, you will create a new branch on the inaccessible course progression path, breaking the normal character development path and letting players make different adjustments to different attributes. You can even redefine some roles.


Hollow Palm Technique is a very interesting technique. Players cannot use any weapons or gloves when using this technique, but they can perform powerful freehand martial arts attacks, which is not only flexible and convenient. I guess the path to exile now has a monk character.



These new Cluster Path of Exile Currency have changed the original gameplay of Road to Exile and made players obsessed with this unique gameplay. I'm glad to see what new characters this system brings. If widely accepted, I can see that it has become a standard part of the complex interlocking system on the road to exile.