Ways to Increase Trust in an Online Watches Store

Ways to Increase Trust in an Online Watches Store..From the point of view of consumers, good self-images are one of the indicators of

From the point of view of consumers, good self-images are one of the indicators of a company's reliability and a serious approach to business. Photos should effectively present the product, complement each other, reveal the properties and advantages of the product. It is desirable that they are as realistic as possible, without unnecessary effects, with good detail and lighting. Better to show the product as it really looks.

It is recommended to place a thematic background picture or a photo of employees performing the declared service on the first screen. The videos show reviews, unpacking, demonstration of the product in action, the technical equipment of the company.

Unlike stock or photoshopped images, believable photos are a huge plus for credibility .

Social proof
It is not enough to simply list the advantages of an online store and a product on the site. Each word needs to be supported by facts:

disclose the details of the company's work, explaining important details;
show certificates of quality and conformity;
post successful cases, "live" reviews and comments from real customers;
publish links to active communities of the company in social networks;
connect well-known bloggers, opinion leaders, industry experts.
It is necessary to prove to the audience that the company is ready to take on obligations and is not just another one-day company.

Specific figures also serve as effective evidence - the total number of employees, partners and customers, territorial coverage, the number of years of experience in the market.

Emphasis on safety
Safety is often a decisive argument when choosing a place to buy. To increase the trust in the site and protect the confidential information of clients, you need to use the HTTPS protocol and SSL certificate . With this connection, all data is encrypted and protected from unauthorized persons.

Sites protected by an SSL certificate are identified by the padlock icon and the "https" designation in front of the address in the browser bar. This guarantees the user that he got to a reliable resource and can make a secure payment for the goods.