POE: Role Selection

POE: Role Selection

POE: Role Selection

POE: Role Selection




The art style of "The Road to Exile" is not a favorite for most players. In fact, the art of the Road to Exile is actually very detailed in terms of technical content. It can be seen from the details of the character equipment and the scene description. But the game direction is really not the type I personally like.


But it's really worth a try because it's fun. This game can bring a new game experience to players. If players lack POE Currency in the game, they can go to https://www.mmoah.com/poe-currency to buy the currency and gems they need. Here you can buy any currency and item you want, and the price is very attractive.



Role and career choice

The starting point of The Road to Exile is an island called "Tribal Island", and many players like to call this island "Ghost Island". Welcome to Ghost Island! !!


At the beginning of the game, it goes without saying that we have to create characters first, and here we will encounter two of the biggest questions for novice players: "What character should I play?" And "What is the alliance?" How do I choose? "

In terms of character careers, The Road to Exile has six choices when it first entered the game: "Templar", "Shadow Assassin", "Marauder", "Ranger", "Duelist" and "Witch".

In addition, after any character clears the ordinary difficulty, it is correct that after saving the nobleman not far away, there will be more hidden characters "nobleman" who can choose to play.

In general, I will directly recommend that you choose the image you like in the role selection. Because of the unique " POE Exalted Orb mosaic" and "talent disk" systems of "Road to Exile", the entire game has a high degree of freedom in character training, and any character has a high degree of plasticity.


Barbarians want to play mage? Guys, no problem! Shadow assassins want to be archers? no problem! Witch wants to be a warrior? can! Templar monks want to play for side jobs? Uh ... no, this game doesn't have so-called blood-supplying characters, but as long as it has the skills and talents in the game, all occupations can be trained and matched as you want. There is no rigid framework.


So under this highly free game framework, there are a lot of players, and these players are playing the game with the aim of the character's high freedom. No one likes fixed frames. A high degree of freedom also means a lot of fun and gameplay in the game.