Anything higher than that will require a lot of effort

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Nobody is speaking in general OSRS in RS3 vs OSRS - clearly about xp rates. But suitable PVM is much more complicated in RS3 at high levels, and that is the best deal runescape gold buying site kind of problem people are currently talking about. I can't readily afk even a t70 boss without auras. If I wanted to begin learning the mid-range supervisors like Vindy, I would have to experience a great deal of food and research to be able to even reasonably take action on revo++ without even learning manual skill rotations to increase my DPS.

Anything higher than that will require a lot of effort since not only would I want to learn boss mechanics, but I'd essentially be required to find complete manual rotations for each battle style I would like to use, how to switch gear effectively to make the most of specials and perks, etc. The priciest OSRS gear, the Harmoized Orb costs 1.7B gp or 436 OSRS Bonds, but over in RS3, the priciest Eldritch crossbow prices 1.3B gp or only 66 RS3 Bonds. For players with pay-for-BiS-gear-to-win in your mind, OSRS prices money.

What swap rates? You mean that the exchange rate of RS3 gp? RS3 gp and gold are different currencies. RS3 is actually in deflation, not inflation. That's why Jmod said we do not need GE Tax such as OSRS. OSRS is in inflation, that's why they added Duel Arena Tax, and GE Tax was proposed by Mod Ash. They added the RS3 Death, aimed to take gp.

"We were in a period of deflation last year that's the complete opposite of what people believe. Inflation on large ticket items like partyhats is not due to inflation in RS and artificial. Deep Sea Fishing sunk out a great deal of cash. Invention removed a lot. High is the largest source of money in RuneScape. With the Smithing rework, we're hitting this more with providing more incentive to turn items into XP instead of alching them."

GE costs of Bonds in each game are decided from the supplies and requirements of each match. They are entirely different things since it's far easier to make gp and so bonds playing in RS3 compared to OSRS. RS3 bonds may purchase a good deal of items OSRS bonds can not too. Hence RS3 bonds' demand are much higher and does its GE price. We're talking about can you buy runescape gold paying to win when we talk about pay-to-win. The only way to compare the two games is to compare how much actual cash are actual players paying to"win" as it costs exactly the same amount of REAL MONEY to purchase a RS3 and OSRS Bond. So it is obvious OSRS is a lot more pay-to-win compared to RS3 in that respect.